100 Days of British Flora and Fauna - Day 1

This April I have set myself a challenge! To paint an image everyday for 100 days using British flora and fauna as inspiration.  

You might be familiar with the 100 day project but if not here’s a quick summery. You pick a task to do every day for 100 days. It can be anything. Running, cooking, drawing, knitting.  Then you document it and post it to your instagram with the hashtag #the100daysproject. You can also create an independent hashtag to catalogue your personal project. I’ll be using #100daysofbritshfloraandfauna to track my paintings. 

I’m quite excited to attempt this. I’m going to paint for 30 to 45 minutes a day, developing my illustration style and creating a nature based folio. I also hope to learn a lot along the way.  

For the first day I’ve pick a wee red fox. I’ll be using watercolour and gouache paint along with water soluble pencils and crayons throughout this challenge. It’s nice to get back to paper after quite a few months working purely digitally.