100 days of British Flora and Fauna - Day 3

Today I’m back to painting some flora. As much as I’m using the 100 day project to develop my animal drawing skills, I’m also using it to have a chance to draw more plants. Below is are some primrose also know as Primula vulgaris. They are just started to emerge from the ground as the temperature warms here. They are the lemony yellow ancestors to all the brightly coloured ones you see in gardens these days.  


100 days of British flora and fauna - Day 2

Day 2 of my 100 day project has me painting butterflies. I decided to paint a peacock butterfly. When researching these creatures I learnt that they are supposedly quite uncommon in Scotland. I say supposedly because I saw one in my garden a few days ago and i happen to be situated just about in the middle of Scotland!


100 Days of British Flora and Fauna - Day 1

This April I have set myself a challenge! To paint an image everyday for 100 days using British flora and fauna as inspiration.  

You might be familiar with the 100 day project but if not here’s a quick summery. You pick a task to do every day for 100 days. It can be anything. Running, cooking, drawing, knitting.  Then you document it and post it to your instagram with the hashtag #the100daysproject. You can also create an independent hashtag to catalogue your personal project. I’ll be using #100daysofbritshfloraandfauna to track my paintings. 

I’m quite excited to attempt this. I’m going to paint for 30 to 45 minutes a day, developing my illustration style and creating a nature based folio. I also hope to learn a lot along the way.  

For the first day I’ve pick a wee red fox. I’ll be using watercolour and gouache paint along with water soluble pencils and crayons throughout this challenge. It’s nice to get back to paper after quite a few months working purely digitally.