100 Days of British Flora and Fauna - Day 14, 15 & 16

It’s catch up time! I spent some minutes this morning catching up on my #100daysofbritishfloraandfauna so here’s 3 days worth of doodles! Sticking with my favourite themes of Botany and birds today. All are vaguely accurate in botanic or biological ways apart from the thistle because I got confused to what type I was painting. There are so many that look similar but are technically different so no fancy Latin name for that one! I’m happy with it just being purple and spiky!

100 Days of British Flora and Fauna - Day 9

For todays #100daysofbritishfloraandfauna I painted a Great Spotted Woodpecker. About a month ago I saw one of these when out running I’ve ran past the tree I saw it in at least once a week with a hope of seeing it again. But so far I’ve had no luck. There’s lots of evidence its there since the trees are full of holes but its winning our game of hide and seek so far.

100Days of British Flora and Fauna - Day 8

For todays daily painting I decided to get back to painting birds, the Tawny owl to be specific. There is a mystery something that uses our roof at night as a picnic table / regurgitarium. I think it might be one of these but I’ve never seen it. There are to many small animal bones and owl pellets on the ground during the summer for it not to be an owl (it’s mega creepy if it’s not an owl!).