100 Days of British Flora and Fauna - Day 33

Ringlet butterfly by samantha dolan

No.33 of #100daysofbritishfloraandfauna. A dark, neutral toned ringlet for todays painting. You can find these in the woods during the summer bouncing about high grass and branches when they are not brilliantly camouflaged. That’s 8 British butterflies in my little painting project so far and i’ve got many more on my list ready for painting!


100 Days of British Flora and Fauna - Day 22


A quick scribble for todays #100daysofbritishfloraandfauna. I don’t know how I feel about moles. They are a bit like weird underground velvet shovels and I’m not sure if they actually have tails?

100 days of British Flora and Fauna - Day 20

Another addition to my butterfly collection for my 100 day project. As I work on these daily paintings its nice to see little collections within the 100 paintings collection start to come together.

100 Days of British Flora and Fauna - Day 18

Here’s the painting from last weeks easter weekend. It wouldn’t be Easter Sunday without a wee fat bunny.
I wondered what rabbits had to do with Easter and it turns out they are celebrated around this time of year since before the 13th century in pre Christian Europe. Eostra, the goddess of spring and fertility was one of the deities celebrated and her symbol is a rabbit 🐇. As for the rabbits hiding eggs that’s still a mystery to me?🤔